About Furry Friends Physio

Furry Friends Physio is a mobile veterinary physiotherapy practice.  The practice is based in Leicestershire, and is owned and run by Carla Dixon MCSP ACPAT Cat A.  Carla is a Chartered  Physiotherapist and a Veterinary Physiotherapist, being both human and animal trained.  She is a member of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, Health Professions Council (HCPC) and a Category A member of ACPAT (Association of Chartered Physiotherapists in Animal Therapy). Carla currently still works with humans and is continuously updating her knowledge and skills.

Carla is happy to travel anywhere within the county of Leicestershire, as well as neighbouring counties.  If you are interested in veterinary physiotherapy but live outside of these areas, go to the ACPAT website (www.acpat.org) where you will be able to find a Cat A physiotherapist in your area in the 'Find a Physio' section.

Furry Friends Physio is currently a part-time, mobile service providing physiotherapy and rehabilitation to animals in their own environment.  Appointments are currently mainly at weekends due to Carla's commitments with her human practice.

Furry Friends Physio mainly treats dogs, but can also treat cats and any other animal which may require physiotherapy.

Furry Friends Physio is not currently taking on new equine clients - please go to the ACPAT website to find another equine practitioner in your area.

Mouse physio          Dog having Massage          Theraband for Proprioceptive Input

Furry Friends Physio also believes in making veterinary physiotherapy as cost effective as possible for owners.  A large part of our work is educating owners about the condition they are dealing with, and giving them exercises and programmes to carry out at home.  We also realise that in most cases it isn’t realistic for us to see an animal on a daily basis, even though this may bring about the best results, in terms of our time and the cost to the owner.

Assessing Hind Limb Range of Movement (Dog)               Assessing Neck Range of Movement (2) (Horse)               Horse having Neuromuscular Muscle Stimulation